Nexilis Games

Weekly queer-led TTRPG streams.
On Hiatus as we work on other projects
Mondays 6pm PST/9pm EST
Twitch: Thesperience
A Thesperience Production project.

All Aboard The S.s. Verbena

Join members of the S.S. Verbena crew as they fight to take their ship back from pirates.
Led by Jason Larock (he/him)

Clocked in

A modern fantasy game following interns at an company of adventurers for hire, working to take down corruption and monsters alike.
Led by Casper Oliver (they/he)

Nexilis Games

We are a queer-led weekly TTRPG stream series! Learn a bit more about us!

All aboard the s.s. verbena

It's time to set sail! The S.S. Verbena is a vintage cruise-liner preparing to embark on her 50th voyage, however, the Clay Pirates have other plans. Will the staff and crew of the S.S. Verbena have what it takes to regain control of their home away from home?Story Teller:
Jason Larock (he/him)
Atticus Brookeside - MicheArts (he/him)
Piper Trill - OllieArtie (she/her)
George Lamertye - Ashlee Craft (he/they/xim)
Carter Numn - Casper Oliver (he/fae/they)

clocked in

Set in the metropolitan city of Larxville, 'Clocked In' follows 3 interns at the adventurers-for-hire company of Gold Standard.Join Cerus, Romi, & DeeDee as they combat everything from mimics in a frat house attic to major political corruption.Story Teller:
Casper Oliver (he/fae/they)
Cerus Althane-Paxton - Jason Larock (he/him)
DeeDee - Jenny O'Sullivan (she/they)
Andromeda 'Romi' Griffin - Cheslea Finley (they/them)

Nexilis Games

Nexilis Games is a queer-led indie TTRPG group focused on queer voices and queer stories through immersive, homebrew table-top RPG games!We are a Thesperience Productions project.Watch Our Previous Games:
Welcome to Nexilis - completed
Nexilis: Lotus House - completed
Another Morning in Aelmere - completed
Clocked In - ongoing
All Aboard the S.S. Verbena - ongoing
Official Artists:
Ashlee Craft (they/xim)
Cecil Fox (they/them)
Jason Larock (he/him)
Olivia Petshaft (she/her)
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